Making Pasta

Old World Pasta Gets A New Life In Atlanta

Storico Fresco is a handmade pasta company based in Atlanta. Inspired by the unique food traditions of Old Italy, we carefully recreate that country’s nearly forgotten pasta recipes with farm-fresh ingredients, a dedication to authenticity, and a full measure of passion.

All of our pastas are handmade with ingredients that are either locally sourced or brought directly from Italy; and our organic Georgia farms grow natural herbs and fresh produce using seeds harvested straight from the Italian countryside.

*Specialità del mese*

Our "special of the month" is Agnoli Di Mostardele.

Agnoli Di Mostardele is made with a variety of whole grain flours and filled with fried leeks, mostardele, ricotta and parmigiano.

Found in the Valdese valleys near the French border in Piedmont, these pastas are stuffed with mostardele, a pork salami. Dishes made with this agnoli are traditionally reserved for special feasts because although pork is abundant now, it used to be in short supply. Try serving with leeks browned in butter or cruciferous greens tossed in olive oil.

Meet Lumachelle

Found in Umbria and described by locals as "little snails,” this pasta originated in the Marche region of Italy. Lumachelle is usually rolled out on a stick made of willow wood called a battecca and was first served in the convents of impoverished Benedictine nuns.