Special Orders


From everyday family dinners to special occasions, let Storico Fresco help make your next get-together easy and delicious!

We want to work with you to help design your perfect meal for any occasion! Listed below are some of the options you can choose from. Have something special in mind that you can’t get out of your head from your last trip to Italy? Just ask! We will do our best to accommodate your favorite dishes.

All dishes will be prepared using our disposable platters and trays. However, we are happy to prepare your order using platters from home for easy party setup!

Want to discuss timing, pricing, special requests or even place your order? Give us a call at the store 404-500-2181 or email us at retailorders@storicofresco.com

Orders must be placed with 48 hour advanced notice.

**Please note: some ingredients below are seasonal and may not be available.


Torta Salata: family size of everyone's favorite Italian quiche! Local eggs, ricotta, heavy cream and Grana Padano mixed with assorted meat and vegetables

  • Choose from the Retail Offerings of the week, serves 6-8...$35


Meat & Cheese Platter: assortment of meat and cheeses, sliced in house with assorted accoutrements

Small: serves 6-8...$48

Medium: serves 12-16...$99

Large: serves 18-22...$125

Cheese Platter: assorted soft and hard cheeses, assembled in house with assorted accoutrements, serves 6-8...$38


Kale Apple: lacinato kale, sliced apples, toasted pine nuts, gorgonzola dolce, cider vinaigrette, serves 10...$20

Mixed Greens: mixed greens, artichoke, toasted almonds, red onion, Grana Padano, honey balsamic vinaigrette, serves 10...$25

Lasagna & Timballo

All lasagnas can be made in our disposable pans or your personal casserole dish! Please specify if you plan to bring in your own pan and arrange to drop off AT LEAST 48 hours in advance!!

Bolognese Lasagna: Our best seller!

  • 4lb, serves 4-6...$32
  • 6lb, serves 9-12...$54

Turkey Lasagna:

  • 4lb, serves 4-6...$32
  • 6lb, serves 9-12...$48

Mushroom Truffle:

  • 4lb, serves 4-6...$40
  • 6lb, serves 9-12...$60

Vegetable Lasagna offering of the Week:

  • 4lb, serves 4-6...$32
  • 6lb, serves 9-12...$48

**Low Gluten Options: sub chickpea pasta

  • + $5 for 4lb
  • + $8 for 6lb

**MINI TIMBALLINOS** tortellini, veal, pork and beef ragu, mozzarella baked in a white wine crust, serves 1-2 ...$6 for 1 or $10 for 2 (NEW)

Carne Timballo: tortelloni, pork meatballs, pomodoro, and Grana Padano in a white wine crust, serves 10-12...$115

Pollo Timballo: tortelloni, herbed chicken meatballs, pomodoro, spinach, fontina, and Grana Padano in a white wine crust, serves 10-12...$115

**Ask about vegetarian options**


Burnt Ricotta Pie: lightly sweetened ricotta with pistachio & chocolate or raspberry jam, serves 12-14...$32 OR serves 1-2...$9 ea

Tortinos: bite size chocolate fondant with crushed hazelnuts, sold by the dozen...$24/dozen

Torta della Nonna: lemon curd, sweet pastry dough, pine nuts, serves 8-10...$30

Tiramisu: layers of lady fingers, marsala mascarpone, espresso and cocoa powder, serves 8-10...$50

Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift for your family or friends. We've got plenty of options!

1. Olive oil: With 15 different bottles to choose from, Storico offers a variety of flavored, non-flavored and cooking oils from different regions in Italy.

2. Balsamic vinegar: A mighty selection that ranges from classic balsamic vinegar for salad dressings, balsamic jelly to adorn cheese platters and four-, 12- and 25-year aged bottles for balsamic enthusiasts.

3. Fresh pasta: Our helpful staff can assist guests in picking out the perfect sauces and accompaniments to pair with fresh pastas for a complete Italian meal.

4. Gift cards: Sharing the gift of an authentic Italian meal and the opportunity to browse cases of prepared foods and imported goods is always a safe bet. Any amount can be loaded on the gift card, and any appetite will be satisfied with the full Storico Fresco experience.